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Additional Information

Our 15 litre Brewery Fresh wort pack can be used in place of a standard can of home brew extract.

• The wort pack delivers a ready-to-ferment Brewery Fresh wort that will produce a quality craft brewed beer in the home, office or work place in varying ABV (Alcohol by Volume) strengths.
• The professional brewery wort supplied can be transferred directly to a standard home brew fermenting vessel and pitched with your yeast of choice to produce an unparalleled brewing experience.
• Brewery Fresh wort packs come to you with an approximate original gravity (OG) of 1.060 / 14.75˚P, resulting in beers of approximately 6.0% ABV.  Using the recommended dilution rates given below you can vary the alcohol strength of your resultant beer.

Brewery Fresh Wort Kits


We have temporarily discontinued our brewery fresh wort kits. Please watch this space - we will re-advertise them when they become available again.